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Meet the Real Ponies!

Meet Prince!!! He is a charming and curious pony. He is just 2 years old and has been a real fun guy to have around. He was born in North Carolina and moved to Vermont in October of 2018 when he was just a few months old. He was soooo little then!

Prince is always up for an adventure and loves to meet new friends. Whenever people go by on the road, whether walking, jogging, or biking… he is at the fence hoping for some attention. He is super playful and wants to put his mouth on every little thing… and I mean EVERY thing. He has a couple of stuffed animals that he carries around in his mouth. He is also very talented at dumping the wheelbarrow over when nobody is supervising.

Every day is an adventure for Prince… so you can expect to see updates on my blog frequently. I hope you enjoy this pony’s antics as much as I do. He sure does make me smile!!!

Meet CC!!! She is a miniature horse… but is usually the boss. CC has been living with Prince since May of 2019. She is 12 years old and does her best to be a good example for Prince, but she is still very much a kid at heart.

CC is sassy and spunky, and she has the cutest little trot! She tosses her head around when she is running and her long, thick mane flies all over the place. She likes to play with Prince and sometimes gets a little too wild. CC really enjoys a good treat, even if it is mini, like her.

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