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Get to Know the People Behind the Ponies

Meet the Author – Bekah Leigh Kutt

Bekah Leigh Kutt is a life-long horse lover. She grew up in Essex, Vermont and discovered horses at a young age. Bekah was lucky that the adult horse owners in her life encouraged Bekah’s curiosity in horses. Fast forward 30-some years, Bekah is paying it back… and forward…. by encouraging young (and not-so-young) people to enjoy the adventures of horses. Bekah owns Prince and CC who now live at a stable in Hinesburg, Vermont. In order to afford all the pony things, Bekah has a full-time “day job” in healthcare IT system compliance. She often writes technical documents and creates diagrams or flowcharts. Writing this first book has been a fun variation from that work. Bekah has enjoyed hearing from friends about how relatable the story is to them. She hopes this book will inspire kids of all ages to connect with horses. 💕

Meet the Illustrator – Heather Lynch

Heather Lynch was raised in New England with an imaginative lifestyle from the beginning. She formally studied fine art at the University of Vermont. Since then, she has enjoyed living a country life! Heather enjoys drawing and painting landscapes, animals and images from fantasy. She was delighted when the author, Bekah Leigh Kutt, invited her to begin work on the Pony Adventures project!

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